I received a coupon in the mail since I just bought an engagement ring from one of the locations. The store experience was good, so I thought the online would be also.

Completely wrong. First I made a mistake on a typo on the zip code, and when I realized this I contacted Jared immediately. They told me they could not do anything until the shipper contacted them. Then the shipper did so, and they said they needed to return the merchandise to seller.

I did contact them before the merchandise was ever shipped in the first place. So I called again after not hearing from them and finding out it was being returned to shipper from UPS. They told me they won't do anything except return my money, which will take around 3 weeks to process. Then Jared tells me that I lost out on using the coupon they issued because it expired.

Overall the worst online support I ever used. Will not be returning to the online store or the actual store I bought the engagement ring from.

They lost what cold have been loyal customer, and I will make sure to tell everyone I know to use someone else for jewelry.

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