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I have a beautiful wedding set I received from my husband as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. The setting was purchased at JB Robinson with a very small diamond and my husband had the diamond replaced with a larger one from Jared. This was approximately five years ago and I have been bringing it to the Jared store every six months as directed for inspections and cleanings religiously.

On May 7, 2018 I brought my ring in for inspection and cleaning as scheduled and I was informed by Byron that there were several problems with my information in the computer. This young man informed me that after five years my ring inspections and cleanings were not attached to the receipts for the purchases of the original set and the additional center diamond but, to the return of a different wedding set that my husband had returned to JB Robinson. When I asked for answers I was told he did a 45... or some check and essentially told me that my ring was not purchased at JB Robinson and the diamond was not purchased there. First, he said he was going to shred my inspection records, then he returned and said I had better keep them. Then he and the salesperson who was trying to sell me a new ring could not locate my wedding band and were stumbling around to find it near the register or on the floor.

I am confused, how could my records disappear from the POS system? Also, why is no one trying to correct these issues? Further, Byron suggested I go home and look for the receipts. This was a gift and I was not given the receipts and my husband does not know what he did with them. Further, Byron wants me to bring in the independent appraisal I had done for MY homeowners insurance. I paid for the appraisal of my ring and it was for insurance purposes only. Doesn't this company know the products they sell?

In addition, I was told that the diamonds they sell and place in settings are cataloged by both customer service and store personnel. When I mentioned this to Byron he said no the diamonds are not cataloged. What is going on here, I would like some answers? The customer care representative sent me back to the store.


Product or Service Mentioned: Jared Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Work done on ring.

I didn't like: Not being listened to, Poor management, Poor problem solving skills, Customer relations, Customer service.

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sounds like someone who is poorly trained. now i know there is a new digital system at jareds/kays/etc all the same company and they sometimes have to manully more the records to attach to your name.

i would fgo back, speak to a diffrent person, make it clear you want a diffrent person and that you want any confusion cleared up. if the jared can't or wont help (cant fix stupid) go to another of thier brands like a local kay

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