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My husband purchased three rings and a bracelet, online from Jareds. Two of the rings didn't fit.

I took the rings to our local Jareds store to exchange for larger size. Salesman informs me one of the rings is out of stock, however he can order the other one in larger size. I tell him that's fine and to go ahead and order it. A few minutes later he comes back and tells me I have to pay an additional fee.

Apparently my husband had paid less for the ring than was currently online. Salesman tells me the amount of the fee, which coincidentally is the difference between the discount my husband received and the current price online. I informed the Salesman that this was a straight exchange and the ring size didn't change the price online. Furthermore, if I bought a blouse on sale that was too small and exchanged it for another size, the store would not make me pay the original price.

I told him this was ridiculous and I was not willing to pay the so called fee. He took my number and said he'd talk to his manager. I called Jareds online. Rep.

says no fee should be charged and manager should be willing to, "eat the fee." I call another store and speak to a manager. He proceeds to tell me I have to repurchase the ring at full price and once ring arrives he could then refund the discount. The reason being, "we don't get credit at the store for the online sale." What? I again call Jareds online.

This time rep. says I have to do what last manager stated. When I question her further about what their exchange policy says, she sounds lost and begins to trip over her words. Bottom line, no one I've spoken to has a consistent answer.

What should have been a simple exchange is now an inconvenience I don't want to bother with.

This is all over a small discount my husband received at the time of purchase. Out of principle, I refuse to give this company another penny and will take all the rings back for a refund.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $435.

Preferred solution: Explanation .

I didn't like: Exchange policy, Hidden fee, Online, Store.

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Online and stores are two different animals. I have no love for Jared’s but I think you’re wrong here.

You should have handled the exchange online where you originally purchased the rings. Next time find a local reputable jeweler, not the Walmart of jewelers.

to Anonymous #1411774

Sorry, you're wrong. Our receipt, as well as Jareds exchange policy online, both state that returns and exchanges should be made at their store.

Furthermore, most online stores that also have brick and mortar locations, are from the same species. I do agree that this company is the Walmart of jewelers, however this was a gift. Had I known of the purchase beforehand, I most definitely would have suggested my husband shop elsewhere.

Nevertheless, the rings will be returned for a full refund today as a matter of fact and I do have an appointment with a more reputable jeweler to replace the crap that Jareds sold my husband. My advice to you: When you have nothing better to do than troll sites such as this one and you decide to comment that someone is wrong, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

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