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My 20k brand new ring (after 7 months of repairs/re-doings/re-making it, arguing and spending DAYS in their store) came out like this (!!!SEE PICTURES!!!!) with CHIPPED 2ct DIAMOND! In the beginning of November 2017, I brought my BRAND NEW ring (3 piece set) to Jared and purchased a 2ct diamond from them.

Jared was supposed to make a new custom setting for the new diamond I've purchased from them. Jared employees absolutely assured me that they will be able to perform such work without damaging my original ring. They completely ruined my NEW ORIGINAL RING. Jared had to make THE WHOLE NEW RING because they destroyed MY RING completely!!!!!

And what you see on those pictures is the SECOND RING MADE BY JARED as a replacement to my ring. The ring is not symmetrical, the setting is rotated and is neither centered nor perpendicular to the ring (with sticking out CHIPPED 2ct DIAMOND!!!!), corners and angles are different throughout, one side of the ring is dramatically (like 50%) higher than another one, even shape of the head is different on ALL sides!!!!!! All small diamonds are facing different directions and have been mounted in the wrong order (even one side is wider than another). Two side bands are not fitting in.

The ring itself is not flat (its bent). Within first couple of month diamonds already started falling out. Jared resized my ring 3 TIMES!!!!!! to make it right and still didn't.

Since the beginning of March 2018 until END of May 2018 my ring was in their store (got it in December thought). The ring I got now is not even close to what they showed me on CAD images. Numerous times (months) I was requesting a digital file of the ring that they are making to replace my original ring. They were not providing it (ignoring me all the time) and finally look at the pictures what I got!

Handwritten digits on the printouts. No consideration that there are 2 side bands whatsoever. It's a 21st century approach.... some pencil drawings and measurements of the pencil-circled ring PRESUMABLY matching (size and design wise) the 2 other side bands.

It is a shame!!!! With all the computer programs and apps available on the market for jewelers to provide me with pictures like that!?!?! Also, I've been told that no one in the store knows how to open digital files and on top of that it's all on the PERSONAL computer (that is not even in the store). 2 different jeweler shops of Jared where working on my order.

One store destroyed my own ring and the second one made this UGLY replacement (which I did not approve as a wax version from the beginning). There are much more details to it. I just pointed the most obvious ones and the main one: CHIPPED 2ct DIAMOND. When I requested from the customer service an information of the district manager (such as a name, phone #, email or address) I’ve been told to go back to the store I had issues with and that they are not providing customers with CELLPHONE numbers (which I did not ask for) of their management.

I have been discriminated, humiliated, diminished and ignored all alone. Only after I started posting pictures and comments on their Facebook page they finally contacted me. Per specialists, the ring cannot be fixed but had to be re-done and 2ct diamond to be replaced. But after all, I was told that they will FIX IT and that this SHOULD MAKE ME HAPPY.

I was more than sure that Jared was obligated back in November of 2017 to provide me with a ring that will make me happy. The ring that I paid for! In addition, I strongly believe that there are law, rules and regulations that every business should comply with.

And every customer should be protected! YOU WILL REGRET IF YOU GO TO JARED!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jared Manager.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Sales people, Friendly staff.

I didn't like: Damaged product, Being, Being discriminated humiliated diminished and ignored, Very poor low quality not skilled job.

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It's incorrect to call something a $20,000.00 item just because that is what you paid. Anyone with knowledge of the retail jewelry industry should be aware that these items are amongst the most highly marked-up retail margin prices in any retail service for any product.

Luxury items have no price cap if the buyer is not well informed. A chjpped 2 ct is severely diminished in price (and we have yet to mention clarity, cut and other imperfections).

So really it's a $5,000.00 ring at best ; most likely that's the offer you'd get from 8 out of 10 honest dealers - and they'd want GIA grades before resale. Condensing this down to one short statement : stay out of retail jewelry stores - malls, chains, etc.


I wished I knew how to post pictures on here they took diamonds out of my charm that was on my necklace when purchased years later I had it put on my charm bracelet that's where they cleaned it said their fault that they loosen the diamonds and they would fix it free but instead of fixing it they took out my diamonds and put in little bitty chips and had to put some more gold on the back to close up the big holes from where my diamonds was in it do not ever go to Jared's to buy anything oh and when I asked to see the picture because they said they take a picture before and after they never could produce the picture and they are very rude every time after you buy your initial jewelry because when you leave it for your check up they cause some kind of problems or in my case they are always stealing diamonds and putting back in chips and the appraisal of my ring goes from 10000 to 2000 because of downsizing and diamonds News 2 needs to know I talk to the people at Diamond International and Jared's would hate for publicity to get out that's why they responded to you so quickly on Facebook I am looking for rings pictures of my ring before they took out diamonds yet again just this month on the 13th and they took out all the diamonds that was originally in this ring when I bought it looks totally different and they put big heads on top of the diamonds so you can't see the diamonds anyways but that gold fills up the spot where the diamond was they are professional thieves.

to Anonymous #1619461

That’s so strange that they wouldn’t show you the picture!! I have to say I don’t believe they stole any diamonds from you though.

There’s literally thousands of diamonds and gemstones in the shop that belong to the store (if someone felt like stealing) and they wouldn’t go through all the trouble of pulling your stones out just to put smaller ones in. They only have a certain amount of time to finish a job, because they have a quota each day, so if someone is taking a long time on one job people notice- and though it sounds really quick and easy to reset a stone, it’s not. Especially if it’s supposedly a smaller one going into a bigger setting. It sounds like they just added some retips on your prongs to make the stones more secure so you’re seeing a little more metal than before.

I’m really curious about your appraisal too. If you purchased a ring for $10,000 that does not mean it is worth $10,000. It could very well be that you over paid originally, but $10,000 and $2,000 are drastically different price points.

If your diamond is truly something of that kind of quality it should have a laser inscription on it (I know most of the ones from Jared do), which should help you figure out if it is yours! I truly don’t mean for this to be a rude response, but it seems like there’s just a lot of misinformation.

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