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On June 7th we made a simple drop-off to have a chipped diamond replaced in Emily’s wedding ring. We were told that her ring repair was covered under a service plan and would be ready by the 20th. Smiles and reaffirming nods from staff on how common of a procedure this would be left us feeling reassured that we would see our ring again.

By June 28th, a week after the date we were told our ring would be ready we had not received a call from Jared. Emily stopped by the store to inquire about the status of our ring. She was greeted by Carly who received her claim ticket. First she told Emily, based on the claim ticket, that our ring had been shipped back to the store; however, it was not in the correct drawer, so they would have to check other spots in the store but it was most certainly there. Emily started to get nervous as the three store employees started frantically opening drawers and making phone calls. Their actions did not comfort or ensure her that they had any idea where our ring was.

Emily graciously told them she would give them some time to look for our ring and would be back. When Emily returned, Carly said that after reviewing the system records that when our ring had been shipped back to the store, two rings were on the same shipping receipt, and after reviewing the cameras only one ring came in that day. Carly assured Emily once again that this meant that our ring was still at the repair shop and that she was going to send someone over that afternoon to look for it. Emily exchanged cell phone numbers with Carly and asked her to update us with the actions taken to find our ring.

At 2:32pm on that same day, we received a call from Carly, who told us because it was a Sunday the manager who had access to the rings in the safe at the repair shop was not working and the search for our ring would continue first thing Monday morning. She assured Emily that she was sending a Jared manager over to the repair shop to personally go through the rings to locate ours. During this call she reminded us repeatedly what a service they were doing for us in trying to locate our wedding ring. She expressed that even if our ring were only worth 50 cents she would still do her best to try to find it because she knew what value it had to us. It was at this point we realized our wedding ring was of little value to Jared and they did not believe they were legally responsible to locate it. She told Emily she would call again Monday morning to update us on their progress.

The next afternoon, Monday, June 29th, Emily followed up with Carly after not receiving a call once again. Carly said she had just gotten into work and that no one had gone to the repair shop yet to look for our ring. At 6:06pm Carly called back to say they had discovered what had happened to our ring. She said because our ring was a Scott Kay with intricate details the repair shop they normally use is not qualified to work on it. She said the manager of the repair shop shipped our ring to the Scott Kay repair shop without filling out the proper paper work, which is why it wasn’t in the Jared system. Carly told us at this time she could not give an estimate as to when the work would be completed on our ring until later in the week. We were so relieved to have news that they found our ring and because they had an explanation for the confusion we didn’t ask any more questions. Our ring was found!

On July 7th we received the following voicemail from Carly:

“Hey Emily, this is Carly at 4186, I was just calling to follow up with you and let you know that um your ring is going to be shipped tomorrow. I was off for a couple of days that’s why I wasn’t able to get a hold of you. Um, but the second it comes into the store I’m going to give you a call, okay? Have a good day.”

On July 16th, around 1:00pm after never receiving a call back, Emily decided to stop by the store to see if our ring had arrived yet. She gave our claim ticket to a woman working and asked if our ring had arrived. The worker took the claim ticket to the back room where Emily heard her say,

“Oh, Jesus!“

Then the manager, Richard, emerged from the back room and presented Emily with a release form he needed her to sign before he could give her the “replacement” ring. Emily asked Richard to clarify if she was picking up “my ring” or a “replacement duplicate ring”.

Richard told her at first that it was the “same ring”.

Emily started to get visibly upset at his careful word choice and asked him once again if this was her exact ring that she received from her husband on our wedding day or if this was another ring of the same style?

He at that point explained to Emily that her ring had been lost but they have worked tirelessly to locate the same type of ring. He explained that it turns out there was only one other ring like her ring in the company and it took some time for them to get it here and resize it to Emily’s size.

Emily asked if they had any idea what happened to her ring, and Richard stated that it all had happened before he worked there and at this point it is simply considered “Lost Merchandise” and he could not tell her any more than that.

Emily explained how Carly told her they found her ring at the Scott Kay repair shop and were shipping it to the store. She asked why she did not receive a call that this replacement ring was in, or that Jared even considered our ring lost merchandise?

He explained that he was only the new manager of this store, he didn’t know the details, and has been forced to clean up someone else’s mistakes. He apologized for how this had been handled but claimed it all happened before he was brought on.

At this point Emily, who was brought to tears by this news, told Richard we would need to get some legal advice before she signed anything. Richard quickly snatched away all of the paperwork. Emily asked for a copy of the release form or to simply see it again, Richard refused. He only gave her a poor copy of the claim ticket marking our ring as “Lost Merchandise” and did not return our copy of the claim ticket to her. Emily asked if Carly still worked there, and Richard responded that she did but was off that day. Emily was devastated as she left the Jared store.

This reviewer shared experience about "you lost our wedding ring!" and wants this business to "we want the jared vault at the orlando premium outlet held accountable and a full refund of our lost wedding ring (which is priceless to us)". WeWent2Jared is overall dissatisfied with Jared and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about jared repair at Jared was lost wedding ring Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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