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To Mr or Miss Is not Jared's is you. How in the *** can you defend a company like Jared's when you no that they are the biggest ripoff of all times, now i agree with you that some people no matter what you do will please them, but in this case you better no it is Jared's and that's *** too the yes every time.

Brought a $12000.00 ring from Jared's took it to three other Jewelers to be appraise and they all said the same thing you have a $275.00 piece of jewelry here. it's a shame for a well know place like Jared's stoop so low as to rip you off in such a big way, to commit this kind of crime threw service is just plain wrong to do this to anyone an you got the nerve to say it's not Jared you are right in this case it's not Jared's it's people like you that defend rip off like Jared's Awful.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $9025.

I didn't like: High price and low quality.

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Yeah, I don't believe this for one second. Nice try though.



I am writing a story on Jared Jewelers. Could you please contact me at usconsumertips@gmail.com. I've spoken with a few people who had the exact same issue as you.



What *** would walk away from anywhere with a $275 ring and pay $12000! I don't sell jewely but if it's that easy and the pickings are that good I'm changing careers. Hey dumba$$ I'll make you a deal and sell you my $500 class ring for $10000!

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