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Update by user Mar 20, 2016

When are people going to learn that offering something for free is not always the best way to do damage control? A sincere (usually the most difficult part for a lot of people) apology goes a long way in repairing the situation.

After being told my $120 battery replacement was actually covered by my battery replacement program I DID actually buy in 2009 I was told that they were going to comp the service for free. I think people have no idea how *** insulting that is. It was never about the was about a sales person unwilling to listen to me, unwilling to do a little research while I was in the store and their willingness to let me walk away. After my call to the store manager it got worse.

I returned the next day, at great expense of my time, to drop the watch off and send it for the battery and gasket replacement. The manager was just as bad as the sales person from the previous day. She didn't want to listen, she interrupted me twice when trying to explain how the sales person the day before handled the situation. It was very clear that her only interest was to get me out of that store.

This only inflamed the matter. As she told the repair agent that was sending my watch to come the service I really got angry and said I didn't want her to do that. She simply said, it's what they should do and walked away to return to her setting up for the day. I took my watch and left.

To the manager's credit she did call after I left to find out why I left with my watch. I tried to explain to her that she was rude for interrupting me, short with her time, and insulting for insisting they comp whatbwouldnhavw jormally been a $75 service. Her response is typical for "sales" people these days. Again, instead of apologizing all she could do is say that it was not her intention to treat me that way.

All I can say is that if it want her intention then she SUCKS as a manager and a sales person which is the face of the company. To make matters worse, I was standing in the Tag-Heuer section of the store admiring the selection and she didn't even ask me if I was interested in looking at any of them. She whisked me to the repair center, and wanted me gone.

Well, now I won't darken the door of a Jared or any Sterling Jewelry owned operation again. I'll by my next Tag somewhere else and hand my current model to my son...after a *** battery change for which I will be happy to pay full price.

Original review posted by user Mar 19, 2016

Went in for a battery change for my Tag at the Jared location where I have historically shopped for jewelry. Ran into the worst sales person that could only focus on where the watch came from.

Kept asking me where it came from. Told her it was a gift and had it for 10 years could not remember where it came from. Just kept asking me my name scanning her computer and finally when I asked why it mattered she said if it didn't come from Jared it was going to cost me $120. I've had this location send my watch away to insure the battery change went well and the gaskets and seals are replaced and installed properly.

I never paid $120 before. I knew unpaid some fee but never $120. I kept telling them that I had never paid that much and asked why so high now. All ingot was that that's just what it cost now.

I left and made it home and called the manager to dig jntot he issue a little more. Found out inDID have the lifetime battery change program unpaid for several years earlier and it was only going to cost me $75 for the gaskets and revealing and inspection. Everyone makes kistakes but this is indicative of heat Jaed has become. Jared was a great place to shop.

They had friendly, knowledgeable, professional sales people that would let me shop without pressure or hawking over me. Not the same any more. Pressure, hawking, unwilling to listen, that's what you get now. Only interested in writing that ticket.

Going to have my battery changed once more by them. What they didn't know is I was also there to purchase a new Automatic Tag Link because I was handing down my battery powered Tag link to my son when I got it back.

I'm still going to do so, but my new one will not come from Jared. Not when they make you feel like a second rate citizen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jared Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: Customer service, Not being listened to, Being treated less than.

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Has my issue been resolved? Yes...I'm no longer their customer.

I'll be sending my Tag in directly for any attention it needs and I will be buying my next Tag and any other Jewelry elsewhere.

That's my resolution.


This was not Houston, TX. This was the Frisco, TX location.

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