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My husband and I picked oit an anniversary band from Jarad. It was beautiful in the case and when I put it on my finger, I fell in love.

The middle stone was an emerald cut diamond with two side emerald stones and round accent stones covering the entire ring... total weight, 1.5 ct. Set in rose and white gold. It had to be sized.

I was astonished at the clarity of the stone. The night we brought the ring home (two weeks to be sized), I noticed a very visable line (crack)going through the center of the main diamond. I showed my husband and he noticed it as well. We promptly went back the very next day and Jared insisted that it was an inclusion and had been there all along and offered me a free apraisal, surprise the ring was apprassed at $4500 (what the retail price was and what we paid for the ring.

I was not convinced, so I took it to a reputable diamond retailer, and they confirmed that the diamond was infact cracked in two, and showed me with their microscope and plain as the nose on my face,a crack straight tbrough the middle of the main stone, rendering the ring worth only $317. Jared woild not do ANYTHING and blamed me, said I must have hit it off of something,causing the damage. Horrible experience, terrible customer service. They treat you like royalty, until they have your money, and then they say "sorry, you a stuck with a worthless broken ring and we are keeping your money" They offered to replace the diamond with one of our choice, but we had to buy the new diamond.



Product or Service Mentioned: Jared Ring Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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To the OP I believe you. Physics says that what did happen CAN happen.

I would say the shop manager is just trying to dodge a repair because it hits their quarterly bonus. They probably didn’t know there was any inclusion but to be honest if I ran a jewelry shop I would examine every piece. That would be common sense when selling high dollar jewelry. So my opinion is that it was a employee probably playing the diamond swap game.

Very common game played by shady sales people. A difference between good piece that you picked and the bad one they swapped out. They will offer a “free” cleaning and take the jewelry in back, then swap out the diamond. In your mind your last impression was of a beautiful diamond so when you get it back from cleaning and sizing you never realize it’s been swapped.

When buying real diamonds I ask for the laser etched ones. This way it can be tracked and insured. Proof if you get swapped because the ID numbers won’t match. As someone posted below the physics of a diamond are funny.

It’s pure carbon, diamonds can burn. It’s a crystal so it suffers from impact damage. It’s the hardest substance we have to measure against meaning only diamond can CUT it. So if your Stone was swapped and a flawed stone was swapped in, it would literally only be a matter of time before some micro impact caused the stone to crack.

Given the physical stresses placed upon such jewelry daily. Micro impacts, thermal shocks both large and small, are all things we never take into consideration.

But it does happen. Hope you get it resolved.

to Durpa #1486537

you do know that "swapping" a diamond is rather difficult right. If the diamond broke, cracked, whatever Jareds has a warrenty/guarentee that will replace it with a comparable stone for free.But the "i took it to a jewwler and he took it in the back for 5 min and swapped it" is pure BS.Number 1: you have to have a diamond or simulant of the correct cut/size/shape to replace it with ON HAND already looseNumber 2: this is not changing a battery to do it poorly takes 30-40 min to do it right takes 1-2 hours, its not just bending a prong popping it in and bending it backNumber 3: video survalance is huge in jewelers to protect them from allegations of swapping, in the age of social media its alot harder because any stupid or mean person can claim anything and public opinion jumps faster then factsNumber 4: its really not worth it.

to keep a large enough selection of poorer quality diamonds still costs money!

of all shapes and sizes. even CZs or Moissanties costs MONEYNumber 5: Liek the poster says a lab certified diamond with a lazer engraved id number makes it impossible (almost) to switch a stone


It is impossible to crack a diamond they are the hardest objects in the world.

to Amy #1486393

how stupid are you? if "its impossible to crack a diamond how do you think they are cut and shaped in the first place?Hardness and Toughness are different things.

Diamonds are the Hardest known natural substance but they are a crystal and as such are brittle and can be chipped or shattered. Steel is tougher then diamonds yet not as hard. Steel can smash, shatter, or chip a diamond.

you can smash a diamond with a hammer and get diamond dust. A diamond can be chipped if you hit it at just the right (or wrong) spot


I think this a scam review. First, Jared replaces cracked diamonds for life as long as you bring your ring for check ups every six months.

They replace it with the same quality stone as you had so I am not sure why you are writing you had to pay for a new stone. YOu must hide some important information.

Second, there is no way a ring that was appraised for $4500 would loose more than $4100 in value because of one cracked stone. I mean the gold part, other two side diamonds still have the value more than $317.


this is odd as jared has a 90 day exchange policy a 60 day return policy and a lifetime diamond guarentee policy. Take it back and tell them you need the diamond replaced UNDER POLICY

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