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On 8/2/14 I took my not even 3 year old ring in to be inspected and rhodium applied. I was informed a side stone was loose and would need tightened When I picked it up the side stone that was loose was forced deep in to the channel and was uneven with it's partner next to it. It was very obvious with no magnification.

We took it back and were told it would be fixed but would take about a week as the channel would need rebuilt. We said we didnt vare how longnit took, it needed to be fixed RIGHT. When we returned the stones were still obviously uneven. We were given a host of excuses about aging jeweler, remember my ring isn't even 3 years old, we refused to take my damaged ring and were told by the lady who helped us would speak to jeweler who was of course gone for the day. She would speak to time and call us the next day. On the ride home we rec'd a call from the store and were told they would be ordering me a new setting because mine could not be fixed and was damaged by Jareds. I reluctantly agreed.

After being told it would take 2 weeks, i had not heard from the store. I called and was told it would take at least 3 more weeks. it took more than 5 to get my setting, and we were not even called to say it was in i only knew because after 6 weeks i called to check on it.

My husband took in my ring and it was to be reset the next day. He picked it up and brought it home for me to see. The "new" setting, even though still show as my setting (http://m.design.jared-diamonds.com/engagement-rings/sidestones/ring/item44_10611/) was not the setting I previously had. The new setting had very large gaps between the head and the channel walls, my original setting was made to hold .28-.68 stones, this one could easily have fit a 1.5 ct stone.

I was very upset and we returned the same night. We were told no one could see the (obvious) difference, despitr showong them multiple pictures if my original setting we were eventually told by the jeweler that they could make the new on look like my old one.

We picked it up again a couple days later. This time it was atrocious. The jeweler had taken the head out, cut the ring down the middle and smashed it all back together. There were globs of solder stuck to my head. I called the store manager who's only suggestion was to order another new setting, which would take another 5-6 weeks. I went to the store and she agreed the ring should have never left the store in the condition it was in. I then found my setting, that I had waited 5 weeks for, in the display case. I asked that my head, which was soldered to the channel now, although she denied this was the case,, be removed from the botched ring and placed in a new one. She said that would not be an issue.

I returned a couple of days later and was handed not only a ring that looked nothing like mine, but a ring with a new head. I was extremely upset as we previously had a long conversation regarding my head and how important it was to me that nothing happen it as it was the last piece of my ring that was undamaged. I asked she find out what happened to my head and for her to retrieve my original setting from the safe. I was then informed that when my head was removed it fell apart, probably because the sloppy work from the previous ring had made it impossible to remove in one piece, I was extremely upset to have the last undamaged part of my ring destroy and that no one had even bothered to call and let me know. I informed the manager that I would have to leave the store and talk to my husband because I was so upset and no longer trusted Jared's with my jewelery. She informed me I could "take the new one with me" so I "had something to wear" again demonstrating her lack of understand as to why I was so upset I left the store in tears.

On 11/11/14 I returned to the store, had the head removed from the "new" setting(which was also terrible quality,) took my ring, in pieces, head and original shank back from Jareds. I have now been forced to send my ring to an actual professional jeweler. The jeweler has informed me that it "could" be fixed, but, because the shank of the ring had been worn down through Jared's polishing of the ring, the stones were now sticking out from the shank and would continue to come lose when bumped, so it would be a perpetual repair. The jeweler, who is a delight to work with, is now in the process of hand-making a replica of my ring, with improvements for the safety of the stone. I have contacted Jared's corporate office regarding the issue and have received no response. Should I not in the next two weeks, my next stop will be the BBB. Jared's quality is AWFUL! They do not care about your jewelry. They care about your money, that is absolutely all. They have destroy my original setting and head, they have offered no restitution except to order me the same setting (which does not look like mine) over and over. They have made excuse after excuse and blamed me for their damage to my ring. They have no even offered a refund of my ESP which clearly they are incapable of fulfilling. My family, friends and I will NEVER shop at a Jareds, sterling or signet associated jeweler again. RUN as far and as fast as you can, to a private jeweler for your jewelry needs. Artisan jewelers are highly skilled, friendly, and likely a lot less expensive than you think, they will certainly save you time and a mountain of stress

Review about: Jared Repair.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Repair quality, Customer service, Blaming customer for their damage, Destroyed merchandise, Ruined 3 year old ring.

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We are dealing with the exact same issue currently. Jared ruined my wife's enhancer while it was being serviced for their six month warranty check up.

Extremely frustrating. They are offering to replace the ring with something of the same, or more value. It's kinda like dropping your kid off at school, they kill your kid, then tell you there's more kids in the yard, just pick one out.

Sentimental value has yet to play a role in their "customer service". (insert sarcastic tone here)

Simi Valley, California, United States #1231854

I had similar experience. All I wanted was my prongs tightened and before I knew it they said I needed a whole new shank.

I couldn't afford that. When I picked it up the prongs were sharp and I told the gal and she looked at me Iike I was nuts. I brought it home & my husband with rough hands said they didn't fix it for it was sharp. If he felt it then you know it's sharp.

He took it back in and they said they'll take a look. It has a small glob and still sharp. Oh it needs to be rebuilt. This has been an useless time/money.

Went to Kay's and no rebuilt needed. Great job.

I think it is all about who sits and repairs the ring. But I'll never go back!

to Anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1283320

Kay's is owned by the same people. I would stay away from them too.

Vallejo, California, United States #1158176

Just sum it up. Don't need a novel. It is not as important to us as it is to you.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1158180

I take it you have never been married.

to Anonymous #1158355

Then don't read it. Personally, I like details and specifics in complaints.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1159406

Well to sum it up, the ring was the most important thing to them and the company Jared, supposedly destroyed it according to them, but yeah they could lose five or six paragraphs and just get to the point.

to Anonymous #1158356

Then don't read it. Personally, I like details and specifics in complaints.

Kalispell, Montana, United States #916973

I found this to be an absolute atrocity . Thank you for telling your story .

I will definitely tell everyone I know to beware of Jared Jewlery Stores . I hope you get your ring back .How utterly awful for you and shame on Jared

to art Lorain, Ohio, United States #916983

Thank you Art! I have sent my ring off to a highly recommended jeweler he is making a replica.

In this first attempt at a model he has it almost perfect! Jared's did contact me a refused to do anything told me, despite me sending them pictures of my ring and the one they sent me, over and over that it was the same ring. It is very clearly NOT. The women, Cathy was extreme rude and said I should have contacted her before trying to get it fixed outside of Jareds.

When I questioned why on earth I would wait any longer when I have been without a ring for 4 months, she stated she would have given me a credit for a different setting. Again, not an acceptable solution when they destroyed my ring.

She, like the rest, missed the point, that my problem is that they damaged it and then treated me horribly and further damaged it. I am so done with Jareds.

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