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Where can I even begin. The entire purchase became a nightmare, once we are still having to relive and fight to get completely removed from our lives. A nightmare only more accentuated by the fact that this experience should have been a dream come true for any couple. My fiancee purchased a gorgeous diamond engagement ring one evening. After coming home we decided we wanted to upgrade the band. The following week I went alone to surprise him and... Read more

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My husband and I went to a local Jareds to look at options for an anniversary band to celebrate 15 years of marriage. I had done research and knew what I wanted. The salesmen were very helpful and though the store didn't have what I was looking for, managed to put together three different rings to create a look close enough to what I wanted. When talking with the salesman, he never actually measured my ring finger. So when I went to pick up the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 13
  • #954229

I got my ring at jared in feb ever since then I have to keep going back to get it clean because it turns my finger green and band goes black. For the money I am still paying they should give me another ring without paying more money. I went to the Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee WI

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went to get my ring cleaned and the associate was acting funny she kept whispering to the manager. So she went to the computer and I waited to see when she was go to take it to get it clean. So she throw it in the bag and watch her put it in the dept. to get it clean after two hours went back I notice it was not my diamond. I had a gut feeling not to leave it there it was a bad feeling. All I did was cry to my husband and I felt I was... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 27
  • #944754

Horrible business and customer service. Paying off my bill and never shopping here again. In fact will recommend friends and family never to shop there.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 22
  • #941336

I CANNOT express what a nightmare Jared has been in getting custom engagement and wedding rings made. They made multiple serious mistakes and constantly told us not to pay till they got it right and then we have had a ridiculous amount of collections calls and hounding us to pay when we didn't even have the rings. I would NEVER NEVER use Jared.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 21
  • #941095

Has a bad experience with the finance department. They are very rude and ignorant.

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I went in to have my ring resized and a sales lady named Pinky greeted me saying "welcome back". I told her that this was my first time in Jareds, and she stated that I looked like someone else. I filled out the paperwork giving Jared permission to work on my ring and I saw a written figure of $995. Before signing this, I asked her what that figure was for as I didn't have that much money to invest in resizing the ring. She said "if you... Read more

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Went to return an item I bought for $42 cash the day before.i was told they didn't have cash in the register.i will never do business there again.another company that will lose customers and wonder what went wrong when they start closing stores. Read more

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What I thought was going to be an easy repair turned out to more of a nightmare than anything. I took my princess cut studs to Jared to have the hooks switched back to screw backs. My first visit they took my earrings and money, said they would be ready in 3 hours. I came back and found customer repair had put on the screw backs however they had bent one post and the other screw portion turned around the post like no body's business. So I asked... Read more

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