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There was nothing worse than the experience I had at the Jared in South Hills, PA. The manager was rude and treated my daughter & I like criminals. My daughter needed to return her sweet 16th birthday gift (Pandora bracelet)for a longer length ( was an even exchange) and he treated us like the item was stolen. She did not have a gift receipt, however, her girlfriend said her parents purchased it at that location. It was in the original Jared box... Read more

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Melisa Viney of the Easton Jared store, located in Columbus Ohio, made our jewelry experience memorable and easy. She greeted us with a smile and asked us what we were looking for. She didn't ask us budget, immediately (as other jewelers do). Instead, Melisa worked with what we wanted and spoke about finances later, which prohibited her from having an attitude of a snob, so common to other jewelers. She then helped us get the high value rings... Read more

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Last week I noticed that my ring was chipped and I was upset about it to say the least. After finding my purchase information from my wedding ring that was purchased in 2012, I was excited that I could go in and get a replacement diamond. Yeah right. My husband purchased a lifetime warranty, however, the sales person never stated that we had to come every 6 months to get an inspection, not cleaning. The inspection piece was made out to seem like... Read more

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I am so disappointed with Jared! My item NEVER arrived, it eventually was refunded minus shipping and tax. I never even saw the item and I'm still being charged shipping AND tax!? Unbelievable! I never expected this type of treatment from a company like this, but they got me. It's not even about the money, it's the principle of the matter. I feel taken advantage of. Not pleased at all!!

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On our first visit to the store in March 2014, we put a center diamond on hold. We picked up the diamond after 2 and 1/2 weeks in April. When asked for the return policy, we were told: "30 days of wearing the diamond”. We wanted to return the diamond after 2 weeks of wearing, however, the store refused the return, because the reservation period also counts toward the 30 days. In the end, the store agreed to do an equal exchange and told us that... Read more

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I purchased several items for my adult children for Mothers Day. One of my daughters accepted the gift while my other daughter declined saying she had enough gifts of this nature. While shopping for my girls I decided to obtain a gift for myself as well using a lay-a-way method of purchase. Since my daughter declined to keep her gift I attempted to return her unworn piece of jewellery and use this return towards the item of jewellery I had... Read more

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The Jarreds on Woodman in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a scam. Don't use this location! My husband bought my ring at a Jarreds before we moved to CO. The ring was beautiful and there were no issues. He purchased the lifetime guarantee, cleaning/polish and checking. Shortly after moving to CO I took my ring to get it cleaned at the Woodman location. They promptly told me a diamond was loose and since I have a lifetime guarantee they would fix... Read more

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CUSTOMER BEWARE!!! I took my engagement ring (had this diamond since my husband and I were engaged 36 years ago) to Jared's to have it remounted into a lower set of prongs. They CRACKED MY DIAMOND! They took responsibility and offered to replace the diamond--- appraised at $9000--- for a $3,300 diamond!!! They based their replacement value without having weighed my diamond! That is horrible! A diamond's value MUST include the weight! Even after... Read more

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I recently choose to leave as an sales associate from Jared's for several reasons. One main reason was their Selling Structure. I refuse to high pressure people to buy/ upsell guests purely for my own personal gain (to achieve my 6/6 standards) I was verbally reprimanded/ warned because I refused to comply to the "Jared's Selling System" way- which is basically, push sell to every guest or turn over to another associate who can/ will. No... Read more

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Dear Jared Executive & District Management Team: First and foremost, I’ve been a long term Jared customer, even previously under a different account held in Saint Louis Missouri years ago. I’m writing this letter today with great concern regarding two incidents I experienced with your General Manager Jacqueline McDowell at store location 2950 W. Interstate 20 Suite #355, Grand Prairie Premium Outlets, Grand Prairie, TX 75052. Whether you realize... Read more

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