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  • From mobile
  • Jul 18
  • #884780

Had a very unpleasant experience at the Jared Store

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Worst experience ever. Not only did they false advertise (had a witness with me) a sale to me to get me to buy a ring that day (which is illegal), they also failed to live up to the warranty they promised as well the second something went wrong. All they care about is sucking in those first time customers who see their commercials, no interest in doing the right thing for repeat business. Complete scam artists. Worth the extra money to go... Read more

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Horrible horrible horrible customer service. I'm confused how they stay in business. The worst service ever. Read more

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Was approved for a credit card at Jarred's so I printed out the temporary card and other information that goes with it. I went to Jareds today to buy some Pandora jewelry. I spent approximately 450 dollars. After the sales associate rung me up I was informed I had to pay 20 percent of the purchase. Gee wasn't I surprised because this had been mentioned nowhere when I signed up and was approved. Now I had the money to pay that, but I was so... Read more

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I been dealing with them for a few years and been ontime with payments. Well back in late may early june i went in after a 400 dollar tissot watch broke. I was told it would cost about the same to fix as a new one. Well after looking at a new citzen watch i decided to get it and place it on my credit account. Well for some reason the company closed my account claiming that my credit score wasnt good enougj. Then i found out that they made... Read more

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My daughter always wanted a diamond tennis bracelet, so for her college graduation I went to Jared to purchase one. WHAT A MISTAKE! My daughter got a job out of state and I told her to get the bracelet appraised and insured under her renters insurance. Imagine my surprise when the bracelet appraised for a little more than half of what I payed. When I called the store to complain, I was told that the appraisal "didn't matter" because I can get... Read more

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This is quite possibly a horrible halls assed review here as I am too annoyed to even give this situation much energy right now, but purchased two chains that were said to be of reliable quality for the two diamond pendants I purchased. Both broke within a month, not at the clasp even, but the chain itself and one pendant is now lost. Went to corporate and the best response I got is I'm sorry it's not covered(the pendant) and being reasonable I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 15
  • #866504

Walked into their Rockville, MD store and was completely ignored for 10 minutes. Walked out, never to return. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE!

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I bought my girlfriend a pair of earrings for Christmas last year. It's now June and the diamond looking chips started coming off in junks. When we went in and spoke with the manager of our local galleria she said it would be $40 to repair them, that I had refused the extended service plan. We then started getting a little upset that the $140.00 earrings had started falling apart so soon and the manager started to back pedal and said if we... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 09
  • #863055

The website is horrible!!!!!! Continually and Consistently stops!!!!! Losing patience with Jared!!!!

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