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The Jarreds on Woodman in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a scam. Don't use this location! My husband bought my ring at a Jarreds before we moved to CO. The ring was beautiful and there were no issues. He purchased the lifetime guarantee, cleaning/polish and checking. Shortly after moving to CO I took my ring to get it cleaned at the Woodman location. They promptly told me a diamond was loose and since I have a lifetime guarantee they would fix... Read more

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CUSTOMER BEWARE!!! I took my engagement ring (had this diamond since my husband and I were engaged 36 years ago) to Jared's to have it remounted into a lower set of prongs. They CRACKED MY DIAMOND! They took responsibility and offered to replace the diamond--- appraised at $9000--- for a $3,300 diamond!!! They based their replacement value without having weighed my diamond! That is horrible! A diamond's value MUST include the weight! Even after... Read more

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I recently choose to leave as an sales associate from Jared's for several reasons. One main reason was their Selling Structure. I refuse to high pressure people to buy/ upsell guests purely for my own personal gain (to achieve my 6/6 standards) I was verbally reprimanded/ warned because I refused to comply to the "Jared's Selling System" way- which is basically, push sell to every guest or turn over to another associate who can/ will. No... Read more

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Dear Jared Executive & District Management Team: First and foremost, I’ve been a long term Jared customer, even previously under a different account held in Saint Louis Missouri years ago. I’m writing this letter today with great concern regarding two incidents I experienced with your General Manager Jacqueline McDowell at store location 2950 W. Interstate 20 Suite #355, Grand Prairie Premium Outlets, Grand Prairie, TX 75052. Whether you realize... Read more

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Took my necklace in to be repaired. Picked it up and the very next day it broke again. Took the necklace back, picked it up and the claw clasp was placed about a quarter down from the original clasp. Unhooked the original clasp and 2 inches of the chain looked as if it were a safety piece. Took the necklace back again and the Regional Manager for the shop repairs said the part that you could unhook was their piece and that the repair shop must... Read more

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  • Aug 09
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Horrible service diamonds fall out

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A couple of years ago I bought a Raymond Weil freelancer from Jared jewelery. It was i over priced as it was. If that wasn't bad enough, I was still paying for it when I took it to the store in Aurora, Colorado to have it cleaned. I asked the jeweler if there was way to help pre sent scratching it. He brought it back to me a while later completely ground up. He said it was called tree bark design. I went to the manager, and they sent it back to... Read more

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  • Jul 31
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Poor customer service. Staff was extremely rude at the Fort Wayne, IN store! Won't make a purchase from this company ever again.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 18
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Had a very unpleasant experience at the Jared Store

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Worst experience ever. Not only did they false advertise (had a witness with me) a sale to me to get me to buy a ring that day (which is illegal), they also failed to live up to the warranty they promised as well the second something went wrong. All they care about is sucking in those first time customers who see their commercials, no interest in doing the right thing for repeat business. Complete scam artists. Worth the extra money to go... Read more

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