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I would never recommend Jareds to anyone. They sent my fiancé home with a cracked center diamond in my engagment ring which I found out 1wk after I got it inspected for insurance purposes by another jewlery store. I got it inspected by another store because it was cheaper than letting Jareds do it and I bought my diamond from Jareds. Usually the appraisal comes free with the ring from the store you buy it from. But not Jareds!!! Plus they only... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jared
  • May 18
  • #850126

I have two wedding rings i took my second ring in to be sized i took it out to wear it for a while and it fell apart so i went to the store the manager told me she could do any thing if i didn't want to pay again i will never ever go back to Jared thier work is very bad Add comment

I purchased a beautiful tanzanite stone from central America, and went to Jared to purchase a ring to set the stone in. I have pictures of the stone before it was set. No inclusions. Flawless. The sales clerk I worked with originally told me it would take about a week to get the ring back. After calling once a week for six weeks and getting some story that the stone needed additional polishing, I finally received a ring. The stone that I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jared
  • May 12
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HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY! Worst company and customer service I have ever experienced!!! Go ANYWHERE else besides this terrible place! If you chose not to listen - I will be the guy on here saying "I told you so".... :) Add comment

I had a 0 balance two days made a purchase two days ago not a problem. Went in today for a Mother's Day gift while making the purchase I was told my account has been suspended and closed.Mean while called customer service just prior going to the store and was told there was more then enough to make the purchase. You would think a Company would advise me 10 min before purchase that my card was cancelled . Would never ever purchase or recommend... Read more

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I have a Jarads crd card was approved for a very nice amount so i talked my boyfriend into getting a card as well he was approved for a larger amount because he has amazing crd. now they run your credit that day. And everything was fine from Oct to Dec. However in January they lowered his amount to a extremely lower amount without informing him prior to doing so. So when we went into there store we were informed his amount went down . because... Read more

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They say diamonds are forever. They definitely aren't forever at Jared's. In Buford Georgia the best Jeweler you can go to as guven. We bought a diamond wedding ring and the Diamonds keep falling out and falling out. I will never buy anything again from this store. Add comment

My husband and i visited Jaed this weekend, the experience was very nice the young man who waited on us was very professional i believe his name was Damen. The following day we returned to pick up my purchase (ring), we were not offered a box or bag, i wore the ring out of store, but i thought it was poor customer service not give me a box or bag. My husband had to go back and ask for one. Really Jared, JCPenney and Sears offer you a... Read more

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I bought a Tissot watch from these guys, they were the only folks that had the watch I wanted in stock, a year goes by and the battery dies, no big deal. I load up and head to the store and ask them to put a battery in the watch. There answer was, we cant put a battery in that watch, we have to send it off to the factory repair center. So I ask , how long? the chic says about or 5 weeks. They didnt tell me you couldn't put a battery in the watch... Read more

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Jared and its parent company is the worst business I have ever dealt with. They are very dishonest and rude. The refused to let me refund the loose diamond and promised for an exchange but they kept delaying in providing the exchange. Because of this I had to delay in completing the custom setting at Jared. In the end they refused to let me exchange the diamond and in addition charged me an additional $1250 due to price increase in the custom... Read more

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