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They say diamonds are forever. They definitely aren't forever at Jared's. In Buford Georgia the best Jeweler you can go to as guven. We bought a diamond wedding ring and the Diamonds keep falling out and falling out. I will never buy anything again from this store. Add comment

My husband and i visited Jaed this weekend, the experience was very nice the young man who waited on us was very professional i believe his name was Damen. The following day we returned to pick up my purchase (ring), we were not offered a box or bag, i wore the ring out of store, but i thought it was poor customer service not give me a box or bag. My husband had to go back and ask for one. Really Jared, JCPenney and Sears offer you a box for your jewelry. The sales person gave my husband a bag and box. Read more

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I bought a Tissot watch from these guys, they were the only folks that had the watch I wanted in stock, a year goes by and the battery dies, no big deal. I load up and head to the store and ask them to put a battery in the watch. There answer was, we cant put a battery in that watch, we have to send it off to the factory repair center. So I ask , how long? the chic says about or 5 weeks. They didnt tell me you couldn't put a battery in the watch when I bought it or I would have went some where eles. Lucky for me Winsdor Jewlers was in our town... Read more

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Jared and its parent company is the worst business I have ever dealt with. They are very dishonest and rude. The refused to let me refund the loose diamond and promised for an exchange but they kept delaying in providing the exchange. Because of this I had to delay in completing the custom setting at Jared. In the end they refused to let me exchange the diamond and in addition charged me an additional $1250 due to price increase in the custom setting even though I paid for everything in full already. When I contacted the parent company the... Read more

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I recently took my watch in for repair (I believe the battery was dead) they sent it out. They called 6 weeks later after I had to make a follow-up call to have me authorize a $78 repair. I ask what do they do for the $78 and they said they clean and adjust as well as replace the battery. I approved the charge. I then had to call again after 1 1/2 weeks they said the watch came back and did not work so they sent it back to there service company not Movado. They call after a couple of days and said the new charge would be $120 because the watch... Read more

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Kirks wedding ring .. Only 1 year 4 months old. Broke in half...Bought from Jared and they won't replace it without a charge. Ridiculous. Hey...DON'T go to Jared. Signed, No return customer Read more

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I have called customer services over 40 times with a busy signal. I need a call ASAP 972-746-5019 Add comment

My fiancé and I picked out my ring together. The sales lady asked if I was looking for something for every day wear...DUH, it's an engagement ring. She explained that she wears her every day also and showed us her dainty ring with numerous diamonds of numerous sizes. I picked a ring that also had multiple stone of multiple sizes. It was a size 6 but felt a bit large so she gave it a tug while on my finger and she said it was a perfect fit. We left the store very happy but just 3 weeks later, a COMPLETE and TOTAL NIGHTMARE began! Several stones... Read more

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I just left Jared at Brandon in Florida I will never ever walk into the store again and as many people that I can keep away from there I will do so.. long story short they sold me a Lobster Claw to go onto my gold Italian bracelet less than six months later The Lobster Claw broke and they just want me to pay for it all over again since when does a Lobster Claw break in 6 months I've had lobster claws that have lasted forever.. they were unwilling to work with me and could have cared less that I told them I will never put a foot in their door... Read more

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Worst experience ever. Purchased my fiancé a Neil Lane bridal set and spent more than 5k on it, only to find out AFTER purchasing and ordering it, that the center stone was NOT included. Not only was it deceiving and manipulative, but it was poor customer service. I walked in and knew which one she wanted (she had pointed it out on the website) the ring that I picked out had a center stone (which I later was informed 3 months later after purchasing, it was a cz) never once did they inform me the center stone was FAKE. Not to mention, they had... Read more

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